Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Financial Translation Skills Training

American Cultural and Information Center in Mongolia
Open and innovative course for future financial professionals

If you interested sample lecture please see web site of the financial department of jambiin batmunkh school of economic studies

Open and Innovative Academic and Pragmatic Skills Training for Finance Students Intensive translation program designed to help students who specialized on banking, finance, economics, statistics, and mathematical economics or related field.

Who is eligible?
• Financial or related sector junior students who wish to update their reading and translating knowledge and skills of Financial English.• Prospective students are expected to provide evidence of strong interest in the fields of Financial Research and Translation.• Students entering the program are expected to have adequate preparation in mathematics, corporate finance and economic analysis.
-Global financial crisis and its implications for financial institutions in least developing countries
-Short sales
-Holding period return
-Forecasting for the long haul
-Evaluating investments by Using Utility Scores
-Risk Aversion, Expected Utility, and the St.Petersburg Paradox
-The Markowitz Portfolio selection model
-Extension of the CAPM
-The Index Model and Diversification
-Individual assets and the APT
-Random walks and the efficient market hypothesis
-Behavioral finance
-The Fama-French Three-Factor Model
-Bond Indentures
-Interest rate uncertainty and forward rates
-Passive bond management
-Interest rate swap
-Inverse floater
-The aggregate stock market
-Hedge ratios and the Black-Scholes Formula
-Speculating on Mispriced Options
-Spot –Futures Parity Theorem
-Style analysis
23 February – 11, May 2010Featuring• Learn financial research papers and technical finance terminology and related grammar • Improve translation skills in Academic Financial Textbooks and Journals• Practice critical and quick reading in Academic Financial Papers and Textbooks
Requirement: Prospective students are required to interview in Mongolian.
Deadline: 12 February deadline for to getting registered
Apply online: Applicants with internet access may utilize our e-mail registration found on
our e-mail at
or please send your interest letter to following address

Phone/: 976-70115703
Ch. Togtokhtseren 99125332

Ulaanbaatar -28, Seoul gudamj-7
American Cultural and Information Center
Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj Central Ulaanbaatar City Library


tin said...

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